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Bulk service

Bulk service

By launching a bulk cargo (bulk service) and renting (chartering) unit, the coastline company is able to supply different types of bulk carriers, two-deck (in the size of 2000 tons DWT up to 55,000 DWT tons and .....) For normal shipments such as cement, gypsum, lime, coal, iron ore, cement soil, salt, grains and also bagged shipments and assigning suitable ships for customers in the shortest time for customers. We are here for you.

We are always ready to provide chartering service to all portable shipments at the lowest rates from any origin to any destination. The bulk and chartering team of Sea Shore Line, with the necessary knowledge and expertise and updates in this field, is ready to provide service and support on a regular basis (24 hours a day, seven days a week).

Our Motto

“We are always with you to serve“

Dear customers, you can ask us to inquire about the rates of different types of bulk shipments and different types of ships.

Strengths points of bulk services / coastline chartering:

  • Quick response and flexibility to market changes.
  • Responsibility and fast and uninterrupted execution of current projects and files.
  • Having an skillful and experienced operations team.
  • Providing smart and cost-effective solutions for transporting any type of bulk cargo (bulk) required by our valued customers at any time.
  • Have a history of shipping and chartering and bulk cargo from the attack or such as iron ore, grain, cement, steel products, coal

Objectives and prospects of the bulk / chartering unit of the Offshore Company:

  • Provide excellent customer service and build long-lasting positive relationships.
  • Development of communication network (with customer) to create a standard and high level transportation industry.
  • Trying to get the maximum impact by presenting new ideas and changing some past patterns.
  • We do whatever we say, we say whatever we do.